Heated Foot Mats

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FootBuddy Heated FootMat
The FootBuddy® Heated Foot Mat is a portable form of heating intended to warm your feet, improving your circulation and comfort.

These electric foot warmers are available in three different sizes and can be used almost anywhere: offices, studies, TV rooms, including salons!

These low power heating mats bring you comfort you can afford, with running costs from R1 a day, dependent on foot mat size*.  See description below.

Download the FootBuddy Heated Foot Mat User Guide

For warming cold spots in larger areas, see the Rugbuddy Under Rug Heater.

All portable floor heating products can easily be run off generators or a UPS system during power outages with no problem.  Bringing you safe, economical, healthy radiant heating.


FootBuddy® Electric Heated Foot Mats are maintenance-free and warm up in just 5 – 10 minutes!

You can save on electricity by using the FootBuddy® and turning your room heating down or even off.  *See our running cost calculations:

Small FootBuddy – R0.96 a day

Medium FootBuddy – R1.44 a day

Large FootBuddy – R1.92

Calculations at R1.50 p/kWh (Eskom rate) based on 8 hours of heating time.

Please note:  If using the heated foot mat on a tiled floor, we recommend using carpet underlay underneath for thermal efficiency.  This can be bought at any carpet or flooring supplier.  Jute,  felt and foam underlays are most suited for this purpose.


Small: 1.00m x 0.50m, Medium: 1.50m x 0.50m, Large: 2.00m x 0.50m

18 reviews for Heated Foot Mats

  1. Lise Zaaiman (verified owner)

    The foot mats are perfect to keep the cold from seeping from below into your body. The mat does not get uncomfortably warm – it maintains a warm temperature but does not get hot, which is good. A on/off switch would have been nice, instead of unplugging at the wall. but it is not the end of the world.

  2. Douglas Hammett (verified owner)

    I must say I was skeptical about the value of this product. I had bought a similar one from a competitor a few years back and was very disappointed.
    However when I got the mat I set it up per instructions and waited for it to heat.
    I have been extremely happy with this mat…it is not too hot and yet warm enough that my cold feet are just right.
    I no longer need to overheat the room to make up for cold tile floor.
    In fact I now save on heating the room, because with my feet warm, the rest of me is feeling great.
    I can recommend this product highly…if you have cold floors and cold feet…it will fix your problem.

  3. Sel

    This product has been a game changer in my very cold concrete office floor. Once set up correctly it maintains a warm temperature and does not cause you to overheat at all. I would highly recommend this product.

  4. Nicholas Branfield (verified owner)

    Great quality carpet and the perfect temperature for staying warm but not to overheat 🙂

  5. Marius van Rooyen

    Fantastic! Awesome product. I can recommend this product for every household.

  6. Rasheed Patel (verified owner)

    Not warm enough. Product does not heat up adequately.

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