Industry leaders for almost 40 years, COLDBUSTER DIY underfloor heating systems are locally manufactured by Klimax Heating (Pty) Ltd. (formerly TERMO 2000).

All quality management systems are according to ISO 9001:2015, and we comply with all applicable local and international standards (IEC, CSA, UL).  While proudly remaining a South African company, we export to Europe, Australia and North America.


The underfloor heating systems were originally designed by two Dutch engineers, Pieter Jansens and Paul de Pont in 1986.

It differed from other floor heating solutions on the market in its amazingly slim design, which does not affect floor levels.

The simple yet elegant heating elements drastically improved the standard of quality and durability of these types of systems


COLDBUSTER DIY Underfloor Heating is healthy, safe and energy efficient.  The underfloor heating systems are responsive, completely invisible and can be installed directly under any type of flooring: tiles, carpet, wood or laminate.

With its unique 1.3 mm thick heating element, Coldbuster DIY Underfloor Heating is suitable for both new builds and renovations.

COLDBUSTER DIY underfloor heating kits are produced to the highest international quality and local safety standards, and service supported by the nationally established SPEEDHEAT agents.

Coldbuster DIY underfloor heating systems offer you the best in comfort, quality and style.

Our portable heating range brings you safe, economical, healthy radiant heating without the installation.


No open flames or hot surfaces for children to touch, no risks of burning or electrical shock


Underfloor heating helps to reduce dust mites, giving asthma sufferers a much better living environment. The lack of moving air is advantageous to people with allergies. Underfloor heating does not dry the air the same way air heating does. The lack of air movement reduces dry skin, dry eyes, and chapped lips.

Energy Efficient

By using an underfloor heating system placed directly below the floor finish, the response time is much faster than conventional electric in slab heating. With a quick "on demand" response time, energy consumption is greatly reduced.

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