Office Floor Protector Heater

R 595.00R 1,050.00

OfficeBuddy Heated Office Chair Carpet Protector Mat

Office Buddy is an ultra-thin radiant heating pad specially designed to fit snuggly on the underside of an office chair floor protector mat.

Simply position the heating pad underneath your anti-slip office chair protector mat and plug in to enjoy warm feet!

Suitable for use on tiles, hardwood, or low pile carpets.

Sold individually or together with an anti-slip floor protector mat.  Please note:  Office Buddy is intended to be used with a floor protector mat.  View more foot warmer and spot heating solutions you may like below. 

Office Buddy is maintenance-free and warms up in just 5 – 10 minutes!

Office Buddy Radiant Heating Mat
Length 920mm
Width 790mm
Suitable for tiles, hardwood or low pile carpets.

Floor Protector Mat
2.5mm thickness for easy roll-on, easy roll-off.
Length 1200mm
Width 900mm
Easy to clean.
Suitable for tiles, hardwood or low pile carpets.
Non-slip strips.
Effortless movement around your workstation.
Recyclable Polypropylene (Environmentally friendly).
Dimensions N/A
Office Buddy Options

Office Buddy Radiant Heating Pad, Combo Deal: Radiant Heating Pad with Anti-Slip Floor Protector Mat

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