Radiant Panel Heater

R 1,438.00

EconoWarm Radiant Panel Heater by Coldbuster

A radiant panel heater that is light in weight AND energy consumption!

EconoWarm is lightweight and portable.  The panel heater’s slim, practical design (only 10mm thick) makes it easy to take anywhere and use almost everywhere.

These low-power radiant heaters do not dry the air the same way convection air heating does, and are energy efficient too.  It uses less energy than an average light bulb! See description below for running costs.*

Designed to warm the area directly around your legs and feet, EconoWarm instantly adds comfort in TV rooms, at your desk, or wherever you may be sitting.  Suitable as a primary heating source, or as a supplemental heating appliance depending on personal comfort and weather conditions – save on electricity by turning your room heating down or even off!

Easy to store – simply fold up and store away neatly when not in use.

For more information contact our call centre on 0800 11 22 15.

Download the EconoWarm User Guide.

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EconoWarm radiant panel heaters are maintenance-free and warm up in under 10 minutes!

Safe and child friendly. No hot surfaces to touch – it is warm to the touch and there is no risk of burning when accidentally touching the surface of the heater or in the event of the heater falling over.  Parental guidance is, however, always recommended when young children are involved.

Suitable for all floor surfaces.

Dimensions: 1000 x 500 x 10mm – 230V 80Watt

Element:  Double insulated, self-regulating heating element.

*Running costs from R0.96 a day! Calculations based on Eskom rate of R1.50 p/kWh x 8 hrs x 80Watt.


Dimensions 1.00 × 0.50 cm

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