Programmable Thermostats

Underfloor heating – Energy saving tips

We’ve listed some tips to follow to run your underfloor heating system efficiently.

We recommend that when you do not occupy the room, you leave the thermostat on a setting of between 12-15°C rather than switching it off, so that the floor and the room never become too cold. This is cost effective as the heater does not have to stay on very long to maintain the required temperature. (Like a geyser which heats for short periods to maintain the required temperature.)

We advise you to experiment in order to find the most comfortable setting. Because radiant floor heating is very efficient in creating comfort, 18-20°C is often found to be warm enough depending on activities in the room.

When switching the system on from cold, it will not heat up any faster by setting the thermostat to its maximum position. Simply set the knob to the setting you find comfortable and the heater will draw full power until the selected temperature is reached.

Heat is lost from your room through the windows, doors, ceiling and walls. This loss can be reduced by having insulation in the ceiling and keeping doors, windows and curtains closed.

Reducing heat losses will make your heating system run more efficiently and economically.

Some common sources of heat loss are:

  • No insulation in the ceiling.
  • Open curtains or no curtains.
  • Open doors/windows (some advisable for ventilation).
  • Open chimneys of fireplaces.
  • Open stairwells.

Since most electricity is still generated using non-renewable fossil fuels, which releases a lot of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere, it is important that we run our heating systems as economically as possible.


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